4 Reasons the Master on Main Floor Plan Is So Popular

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August 15, 2019
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Rezide Properties Offers the Favored, Modern Floor Plans at Its Most Beautiful Locations.

The master-on-main floor plan has recently become a sought-after style of home design. Over the last decade, the concept of having your master bedroom on the first, or main, level has continued to climb in popularity. The seamless flow of this floor plan accommodates busy family lifestyles and entertaining has turned it into a must-have.

What was first seen as a trend has become a more permanent option in home designs, and there are several reasons the master-on-main floor plan is preferred by many homeowners of all shapes and sizes.

Family – Several trends have pushed the master-on-main floor plan up in popularity. One is multi-generational families, which often include grandparents living alongside their children and grandchildren. Many of today’s homes have older children living at home as well. In fact, while main-floor master bedrooms are often considered a feature associated with baby boomers, families with younger children are seeing the appeal of these floorplans as well as an extension of main-floor living space. It’s wonderful to have more family to enjoy life with, but that’s going to mean you want more —

Privacy – Having the master bedroom on the main floor, with the other bedrooms upstairs, provides a level of privacy for families and roommates. If you have older children, you’ll be thankful for the master-on-main floor plan, as it will provide some peace and quiet when the kids are home. Need we stress the advantage of having your own bathroom on its own floor? If you have guests or parents staying in the main room, a private bathroom offers the comfort and serenity of a quiet place to begin and end their day.

Accessibility – If someone in the household is disabled or recovering from an injury, you’re going to want the easy access provided by eliminating the need for stairs to the master suite. Perhaps you’re caring for an aging parent? Stairs may be no problem for you now, but what about in a few years?

Adaptability – would you like a home office? Many homebuyers are turning their master-on-main into other creative spaces. As more and more people work from home, you can get to work in a space with its own bathroom.

Rezide prides itself on responding to the market needs of homeowners and buyers, and as such, we have two neighborhoods where master-on-main floor plans are readily available:

  • Westown You’ll love the high-luxury, modern details–granite countertops, extra-large windows, well-appointed kitchens, and open floor plans of Westown. Extremely walkable to the shops and restaurants, this is the perfect suburban/urban blend for your family.
  • Villages at Creekstone – Your master-on-main will be on the same floor as the unique, custom-designed interior courtyards around which the main levels of the Villages at Creekstone are oriented.

It’s important for us to be proactive when it comes to providing homes that make sense to our buyers in cities and communities like Woodstock and Cumming. Learn more by exploring our site and choose your master-on-main floor plan today.

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