The Advantages of Buying a New Home… Well, New

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January 10, 2022
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Rezide Homes
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It’s a brand new year – a fresh start and an opportunity to set and accomplish your goals. If a new construction home is on your to-do list this year, let us help you make that dream a reality! Many of us spend a little more time at home these days, so shouldn’t your home be just the way you like it?

There are so many advantages to buying your new home… well, new. From comfort to convenience to cost, buying new is the way to go for many. At Rezide Properties, we love helping homebuyers “just live better,” and would like to share a few of the many advantages of a newly constructed home.

3 Benefits of Constructing a New Home with Rezide Properties

While there are many advantages of building a new home versus buying an older one, here are a few of the big benefits to buying new construction.


If you’ve been in your current home long (or even if you’ve moved around a bit), you’ve probably spent some time daydreaming about your perfect home and griping about elements in your current one that just don’t work for you. From layout to colors, a new construction home puts you in charge and lets you make the decisions.

While a fully custom home is designed top to bottom for you, Rezide Properties also builds new construction neighborhoods with layouts that keep our buyers’ lifestyles in mind. And you’re still in charge of the finishing touches – from colors to flooring to fixtures. A new home allows you to have things your way.

Low Maintenance, Big Convenience

A new construction home will save you time and money on home repairs – and the headache of unforeseen surprises. Life is busy, and there are better ways to spend your weekends than on home maintenance projects. In a new home, you can go years without needing costly repairs, which is a huge advantage of buying new construction versus an older home. When you buy a preowned home, you risk inheriting problems that may be just about to require attention – and break your bank.

A home is the biggest investment most people make in their lives, and no one wants surprises.

Energy Efficiency and Improved Air Quality

Yet another way you’ll save in the long run is on energy costs. Our new homes feature energy efficient appliances and windows and doors with better, tighter seals. All of which translate into lower monthly costs.

With newer, more modern air conditioning and ventilation systems, a new construction home is also going to have better air quality inside. If you suffer from allergies, an older home won’t be able to compete with the air quality you’ll get with new construction.

If your new year’s resolution includes a new home, give our real estate agent, Patti Bachtel, a call at 404-483-1814. At Rezide Properties, we want to help you “just live better” this year!

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