The Latest Trends in New Construction Home Design

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August 24, 2022
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Rezide Homes
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Building a custom home is all about you. It’s an opportunity to work with our team to design a home that fits your lifestyle – a home that includes all of the little details and luxuries that truly make you love it. 

At Rezide Properties, we have decades of experience creating innovative home designs, and as luxury home builders, we stay on top of emerging and current trends to build the best new construction custom homes for your lifestyle. 

From our Custom Home Division, here are three trends in new construction home design that we’re proud to offer you. 

3 Trends in Custom Homes

We have experience designing homes with each of these features. Incorporating these trends and designs make our homes infinitely livable and allow our homebuyers to just live better

A Secondary Kitchen

Sometimes called a Prep Kitchen, a secondary kitchen is a smaller space just off the main kitchen that’s designed for food prep and storage. A secondary kitchen allows you to contain some of the cooking mess and frees up your kitchen as a clean, inviting entertainment space. We so often gather in the kitchen, and a secondary kitchen keeps the space open and clear of clutter, whether or not you have company over. It’s a perfect, convenient place to store countertop appliances without losing valuable counterspace. 

Fabulous Outdoor Living Spaces

If you know anything about Rezide Properties’ home designs, you know we’re well ahead of the curve on this one – you could even call us trend setters. Beginning in 2020, more and more homebuyers have considered outdoor living spaces as a must-have in a new home. Of course, our new construction home designs have blended indoor and outdoor living for decades. We believe that to just live better, your outdoor spaces need to be functional and beautiful, too

Laundry Room Off the Master Closet

Hello luxury. Hello convenience. When it comes to daily living, nothing improves quality of life quite like a dedicated laundry room. Locating the laundry room off the master bedroom offers everyday convenience – it’s easy to see why more homebuyers are interested in this trend.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a custom home, we’d love the opportunity to work alongside you to build your dream home. To learn more about Rezide’s custom home division and the trends we’re seeing in new construction homes, contact our real estate agent, Patti Bachtel, via phone, email or text at 404-483-1814 or

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