What to Look for in a New Home Community

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April 19, 2021
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Rezide Homes
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Congratulations! You’ve decided it’s time a for a change! You know you’re ready for a new home, and you’ve decided that that home should truly be new (not just new to you). The next step is choosing a new construction neighborhood.

There are so many advantages to moving into a new construction community! In addition to all of the amazing benefits of living in a newly built home (if you need a list of the advantages, check out this blog), new construction neighborhoods tend to have a wonderful sense of community and cohesion. Newly built means many people are moving in at the same time, and you’re likely to have plenty of opportunities to get to know your neighbors.

Now to choose which new construction community is for you! From our homebuilding experts, here are a few things to look for and some questions to ask as you make this exciting decision.

Location – The most important part of any new home

We’ve all heard the joke (or is it really an adage?): What are the three most important factors when buying a home? Location, location, location. Your home’s location will determine where you shop, eat, and go for entertainment. Location matters most.

At Rezide, we’re building Westown, a new townhome community that is walking distance from downtown Woodstock (and if you need to know why living in Woodstock is so great, check out this link). Choosing to live in a walkable city is a lifestyle boost like no other!

Community Amenities

If you choose to live in a neighborhood, look closely at the amenities that are offered! One of the big advantages of neighborhood living is community amenities. If you’re looking at a single family home in a new neighborhood, you might expect swim and tennis. But if you’re looking at a townhome in a growing urban area, you may be surprised to learn that most new construction communities don’t offer any.

Westown is unique in its inclusion of great neighborhood amenities! Residents will have access to a fire pit for a little outdoor entertainment and a dog park to keep furry residents happy and well exercised. The community will also have a covered pavilion with grills so neighbors can take advantage of Cherokee County, Georgia’s extended grilling weather.

Phases and Completion Timeline

Here’s where you should plan to ask your builder some tough questions. How many phases are there in this neighborhood? What is the timeline for each phase? If you’re buying early in a new build neighborhood (and prices are nearly always better if you do!), you may be moving in while other homes are still being built. Weigh the short-term inconvenience of construction noise against the long-term advantages of living in a new neighborhood.

At Rezide Properties, we love building new construction homes in new neighborhoods and meeting each new homebuyer who finds their perfect home! If you’re interested in learning about the few remaining opportunities to live in our latest new construction neighborhood, Westown, in downtown Woodstock, give our real estate agent, Patti Bachtel, a call at 404-483-1814!

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