Our Favorite Woodstock Shops to Furnish Your New Home

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June 2, 2021
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Rezide Homes
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As homebuilders, we love designing truly beautiful homes, from the perfect exterior that catches your eye to well-appointed rooms in a functional layout that just flows. In the same way that your home design should be a reflection of your lifestyle (something we like to focus on in all our new home plans), the way you furnish and decorate it is an expression of you, too. 

At Rezide Properties, we’re part of the Woodstock, GA community (and we wouldn’t have it any other way!). We live here, we work here, and we shop here, too! Which means we’ve had plenty of opportunities to check out some of the great local places to furnish your new home in just the right way for you. For all of our clients who are in the process of moving into your beautiful new homes, here’s a list of some of our favorite places to pick up that perfect piece of furniture to complete your home’s interior design. 

Local Woodstock Favorites for New Home Furnishings

We’ve built hundreds of homes in Cherokee County over the years, and that doesn’t happen without learning about a few hidden gems when it comes to home furnishings. Here are some of our favorite Woodstock spots for furnishing your new home!

Southern Sky Home Outlet

Located right off Arnold Mill Road, Southern Sky has recently become our go-to spot for great pieces at great prices. We love working with the staff, and if you know anything about us at Rezide, you know we believe strongly in value – high quality products at just the right price (exactly like the homes we build!).

The Market Woodstock

If finding the perfect piece of furniture is as much about the hunt as the end result, you’ll love the Market! The large shop houses more than 170 dealers and includes everything from antiques to new trends.  

Pineapple Park

For our new Westown residents, Pineapple Park couldn’t be more conveniently located – it’s right across the street! For new homeowners looking for a fresh start, Pineapple Park offers full-service interior design, from lighting to textiles!

Woodstock Furniture Outlet

No list of local furniture favorites is complete without a mention of Woodstock Furniture Outlet. Whether you need a new mattress or a piece to fit perfectly in a nook, this store has a great selection!
At Rezide Properties, we love our homebuyers, and we love getting see how each personalizes and completes the beautiful new construction homes we love to build! To learn more about the home we’re building in Cherokee County, check out our website or give our real estate agent, Patti Bachtel, a call at 404-483-1814.

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