5 Tips on Choosing Your Perfect Home Builder

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May 21, 2019
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Buying a home and/or moving is such an important decision; it can be one of life’s major stress points. But it doesn’t have to be so bad. Thankfully, Rezide Properties knows a thing or two about creating lifelong homes in super-desirable locations and we can provide these tips to help ease your process.

How to Find Your Perfect Home Builder

  1. Timing – Get a head start on planning because timing is everything. The sooner you find your builder the better. You can simplify and eliminate the need to work with an architect or designer first if you go with a home-building company that does all the work for you. You might have a vision for your new home, but you would also be surprised at how many ready-made homes will fit that vision…without the extra time and hassle of choosing an architect and contractor. The perfect home builder will have both cost and time in front of mind and find ways to keep them down.
  2. Reputation – This is where you do your research. Read testimonials, listen to word of mouth, do a little digging on the internet…these are all good ways to find out just what other clients think about the home their builders put up. In the home-building industry, reputation is everything and you can figure out fairly quickly who’s the perfect fit for you.
  3. Quality – Luxury, high-performance homes sound great and you can do a lot of the investigative legwork, but you really need to see the home builder’s work up close. Step inside one of their model homes or homes currently for sale and you’ll get a feel for the level of quality and craftsmanship they’ll be using on your new home.
  4. Location – You’re going to want to work with a builder who knows your desired area like the back of their hand. Is the location a fit for your family? For instance, Woodstock, Georgia is booming, family-friendly, and has a thriving downtown scene. It’s truly the perfect location and our team at Rezide Properties knows Woodstock better than any other home builders.
  5. Questions – Ask them! Don’t be afraid to stay in the driver’s seat. Your home builder is working for you and should be able to answer any questions you might have about your property and the home you’re building for your family. If you keep an open line of dialogue with your builder, you’ll find the perfect one for you.

All of these steps and more can be accomplished with the help of Rezide Properties. We’ll handle everything for you, creating an efficient building process that won’t waste your time. The quality of our properties is unmatched–we know Woodstock and we are ready to show you your new home!

We encourage you to contact us with your questions and let’s get started!



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