5 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space Throughout the Fall

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November 9, 2020
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Rezide Homes
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Crisp air, crunchy leaves, and the warm smell of apple spice – Autumn days have arrived in Woodstock, and with the cooler temperatures, we’re taking advantage of each moment we can to get outside! At Rezide Properties, we build homes that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, and this is the perfect season to embrace a little extra outside time.

Whether you’re enjoying the cool North Georgia air at our Lake Arrowhead villas or are looking forward to future Fall days on your patio at Westown in Downtown Woodstock, we want to share a few ways to extend the use of your new home’s outdoor space well into late Fall (and even Winter!). Here are some of our favorite ways to stay warm while enjoying your patio or deck.

Use a heat lamp

With more people moving gatherings outside right now, patio heaters are this season’s hot commodity. They come in different shapes and sizes and are the perfect way to add a little warmth to a cooler evening.

Enjoy the afternoon sunshine

Nothing feels better than soaking up the sun’s warm rays in the crisp Fall air. Instead of an evening gathering, invite friends and family over to enjoy a day full of sunshine!

Get a fire table

Both welcoming and warming, a fire table is perfect for cool evenings out on the deck. It’s a beautiful centerpiece that’s as lovely as it is functional.

Snuggle up with a blanket

When we think of both Fall and Winter, we also think of the joy that comes from cozying up with a blanket, a favorite beverage, and a good book. While we can’t deny that it’s a perfect way to spend an evening on the couch, it becomes something even more special when you can enjoy the same on your back patio. Grab the blankets and beverage (along with a book or a friend), and cozy up beneath the stars.

Make the most of Georgia weather

One of the best parts of living in Georgia is the mild climate. Even in the heart of winter, we’re often graced with a few intermittent warmer days. Keep an eye on the weather, and plan outdoor gatherings (or some solo time!) to coincide with those sunshiny respites from the cold.

At Rezide Properties, we want our homeowners to just live better, and we build houses with our buyers’ lifestyles in mind. We focus on the details of outdoor living spaces—such as patios and decks—just as we do with each element inside our new construction homes. To learn more about new properties at Lake Arrowhead and in Woodstock, call our real estate agent, Patti Bachtel, at 404-483-1814.

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