5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Patio and Balcony This Summer

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July 12, 2021
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Rezide Homes
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Daylight that stretches on well into the evening hours, unexpectedly cool mornings, and blue skies and sunshine – summertime in Woodstock, Georgia is something special. No matter how old we get, summer seems to trigger something inside that reminds us to slow down, step outside, and soak it all in. 

And living your best life with a patio, balcony, or courtyard just on the other side of the door means never missing an opportunity to enjoy the summertime sunshine. At Rezide Properties, we build homes that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living so that our homebuyers can just live better.

New Construction Homes with Balconies, Patios, and Courtyards

Whether you’re enjoying unbeatable lake views at Marina Parc (we love Lake Arrowhead!) or a quiet moment on your Westown balcony (really, the quiet tucked away suburbia steps from an urban downtown is one of our best locations yet!), here are a few of our favorite ways to make the most of your outdoor living space this summer. 

Start your day outside. Summer is the perfect season to start your day on the right foot and take advantage of the cool mornings. Balconies just beckon you to enjoy breakfast and coffee outside. For fans of a quick morning workout, nothing beats a few minutes of outdoor yoga to start the day! 

…And end it there, too. One of the best parts of summer is the longer days. And you can’t fully enjoy those extra hours of daylight if you’re inside! Dine al fresco or sip an evening cocktail on your patio. Of course, if the extra daylight isn’t quite enough, hang up some lights and enjoy your outdoor space well into the evening.

Keep things cool. As longtime residents of the Peach State, we know that Georgia can be hot in the summer. Consider adding some shade to your courtyard (oversized umbrellas add a beautiful pop of color to your décor, too!) or fans on your porch. Cooling things down during the midday heat will make your outdoor living space even more appealing.

Treat your outdoor living space like a room of its own. Whether it’s a balcony, a patio, or a courtyard, your outdoor space should flow as part of your home. Arrange any outdoor furniture so that it’s accessible and inviting, much like you do in your living room. Add pillows and cushions to make the space feel welcoming and cozy.

Don’t forget to weatherproof. After all, it’s still an outdoor space. Weatherproof your furniture and consider covering things up ahead of any rain to keep things looking nice for years to come. 

At Rezide Properties, we build homes with our buyers’ lifestyles in mind. We focus on the details of outdoor living spaces—including balconies, patios, and courtyards—just as we do with each element inside our new construction homes. To learn more about new homes currently for sale in Woodstock and at Lake Arrowhead, give our real estate agent, Patti Bachtel, a call at 404-483-1814. 

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