From Location to Floor Plan: the How’s and Why’s of Choosing Your Next Neighborhood with Rezide Properties

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September 23, 2019
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Moving is one of life’s greatest stresses so it makes sense if you’re feeling hesitant about such a big change. When you’re making a choice as big as where you and your family will permanently call home, you can never be too careful. Rezide Properties suggests you first start with a list of all the things of importance to you in your decision on where to move. Weigh the pros and cons of each point on the list and consider them all as a family.

What should be on your list of how to choose a neighborhood?

Location – the cliché is true: location is everything. Most of the points on your list all factor back to location. Exactly where your new neighborhood sits is going to determine everything:

  • Schools – If you are raising a family, schools are the number one reason in your decision. What are they like in the neighborhood you’re eyeing?
  • Transportation costs – another most important factor…how long will it take you to get to work? How will you get to work? Can you take a bus or public transit or will you be driving? How many miles of wear-and-tear and gas will you be putting in your car?
  • Convenience – Is there shopping and dining nearby? Where’s the closest grocery store?
  • Crime – What are the crime statistics in the area? How safe is the neighborhood? This information can usually be found on the local police department’s website.
  • Taxes – what will they be and how will that impact your budget?

You probably already know a general location of your new neighborhood, e.g., “I’d like to be in Cherokee County or Forsyth County.” Start with those specific areas and work from there.

Meet the Neighbors – What are the people like in your neighborhood…and does it matter? Are you a loner or a social butterfly? Is there a neighborhood association you can get involved in? Does everyone keep to themselves or are there block parties or meetups? You can research neighborhoods on sites like NextDoor and check out Facebook pages to see what the vibe is like and if you and your family would fit in.

Your Favorite Floor Plan – Different neighborhoods are going to have vastly different designs and styles on the homes within them. The year a neighborhood was planned and built will tell you a lot about the type of homes inside. Ranch style? Bungalows? Modern? Open? Think about which floor plan you like and its availability will help you decide on a neighborhood.

Research Everything – When it comes to purchasing a home, you have to think with your head instead of your heart! That means doing a lot of research. What has the history and economy been like in that neighborhood? Is development on an upswing or decline? What’s the crime rate? How high are taxes? Potential buyers have the ability to find much of this information online beforehand.

Plan a Visit – Take a drive through the neighborhood, at different times of day, to get a feel for it. If you are considering a move that’s far away, maybe visit for an entire night and stay in an Airbnb or hotel to get the feeling of the neighborhood and see if you like the vibe of the nightlife and dining, etc.

When you’re ready to find your perfect neighborhood, take the stress out of the situation by taking active steps with this list. And if you’re looking for a new neighborhood, Rezide Properties can recommend several! Check them out here.

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