How to Maximize Natural Light in Your New Home

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March 1, 2021
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Rezide Homes
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When you first walk into a room, have you ever wondered what that quality is that just makes you take a deep breath and appreciate what feels like a breath of fresh air… inside? Chances are, you’re noticing a room with abundant natural light. Natural light is full spectrum—meaning it contains all the colors of the rainbow—and it bathes the room in a pleasant hue that shows all of your home at its best.

Yet so often, natural light is an afterthought in home design, and short of a big remodel (which still rarely makes a big impact), there’s not a whole lot you can do to increase it. That’s what at Rezide Properties, we build new homes with abundant natural light as a central element. It’s beautiful, it saves on electricity, and it’s even good for you – of course we think about light at the beginning of the building process. In fact, oversized windows are one of the quintessential elements of Rezide home designs.

If you’ve discovered that your current home doesn’t offer the lighting that you’d like (or if you live in a Rezide home and just crave even more sunlight), here are a few tips for maximizing natural light in your home.

Decorate your Home with Mirrors

…and mirror-like surfaces. In the kitchen and bathrooms, using glass or glossy tiles for a backsplash (such as subway tile) adds additional reflective surfaces to make the most of the natural light in your home.

If decorating with mirrors, try placing one either next to a window to pick up a few extra rays or directly across from one to create the effect of having added an additional window to a room.

Use White Paint

White paint will reflect the most light, whereas darker tones will absorb. If you’re not a fan or the all-white look, choose a light color that won’t absorb too much natural light. White ceilings are also an easy way to bounce a little extra light around a room. They’re typically less central to a room’s overall decor, so there’s no design penalty to painting them white.

Avoid Heavy Window Treatments

Curtains, valences, and other treatments often crowd windows, cutting off light trying to enter around the edges. Similarly, dark colored drapery absorbs light before it even enters the room. Instead, opt for translucent shades or sheer linen or cotton fabrics that give your home a lighter, airier feel.

Clean Frequently

To maximize the light in your home you want to make sure it can enter unimpeded. Keep windows clean and dust off those light fixtures and bulbs to make the most of each light source in your home.

At Rezide Properties, we design new construction homes with abundant natural light in mind from the beginning. Natural light effects the overall feel of a home, and we want each house we build to feel fresh, welcoming, and homey. If you’d like to learn more about our new neighborhoods in downtown Woodstock and Lake Arrowhead or our custom home designs, please give us a call at 404-448-2005 or check out our website.

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