Rezide Properties Staff Spotlight: Meet Katie!

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February 23, 2021
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Rezide Homes
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At Rezide Properties, we love what we do, and we pride ourselves both on being a fun place to work and on making the home building process fun for our clients. This positive and exciting atmosphere that we have at Rezide is all a result of having a truly outstanding team. From our office staff to our builders, each individual who works here brings unique talents and a passion for doing the best job around.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of the hardest working, key members of our team, Katie Hebel!

An Interview with Katie

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure! I was born and raised right here in Woodstock, Georgia. I graduated from Young Harris College with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Public Policy. I was first introduced to the construction industry right out of college and managed the accounting, financial, and personnel functions for a small construction site services company.

After a year or so, I shifted from that role and worked as an accounts payable specialist at a larger renovation and landscape company. During my time at both companies, I learned a lot about the construction business and decided that the home building industry is truly the field for me.

How long have you been part of the Rezide Properties Team? What is your role at Rezide?

I joined Rezide Properties in 2016 as the Operations Manager. I handle the accounting and business management portion of our office and all of the day-to-day financial activity. More specifically, I do all of the job cost reporting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting to keep us all on track.

Based on my role, I get to work on all of our production projects, custom builds, renovations, development projects, and commercial build outs. I even run the books for our Homeowners Associations. It’s a great job that keeps me on my toes! My colleagues have referred to me as Rezide’s junior CEO.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I’m a family person, so I love being with family or doing anything active with friends. I’m also an extravert, so anything that involves fun activities and other people is my jam! That said, while I know not everyone gets to love their job and love the people they work with, I can honestly say I get both. When I’m not at work, I’m often with work people, which really feels like family, too!

What Katie’s Colleagues Say

Katie is a force for good on our team, and we’re so grateful for her myriad of talents and can-do attitude! Here’s what her colleagues have to say:

“I love working with Katie because she is the only one in the office that knows “where all the bodies are,” and she may be the only person who can type as fast as my brain works. She’s also just an exceptional team player!” – Tony Perry, Owner

“Katie has so many qualities that it’s impossible to boil it down to just a sentence or two. She has such a pleasant attitude about any and all things. Even in what can be a stressful work environment, she always has a way of staying calm, making a plan, and working through the plan with unbelievable ease… all while keeping the rest of us focused and positive!

She also has a voracious appetite for learning. I don’t think she has ever once in the many years she has worked with us uttered the phrase ‘I can’t,’ and we operate in an environment where we are constantly asking people to learn a new task or role.” – Chris LaFaive, Building Partner

“I love working with Katie for many reasons! She has an incredible attitude, she’s always willing to assist (even when her own plate is full), and she has an admirable work ethic. She will work until the job is done – not until the clock strikes 5pm. She is also just FUN to be around and has a great smile!” – Patti Bachtel, Real Estate Broker

As you can tell, we’re grateful to have Katie as part of our team! At Rezide Properties, we build houses with you and your lifestyle in mind, and we’d love the opportunity to build your dream home. If you’d like to learn more about the beautiful, thoughtful homes Rezide builds (and the extraordinary team behind them), stop by our downtown Woodstock office or give us a call at 404-448-2005.


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