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April 30, 2019
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Recently, our marketing team had the pleasure of chatting with Cari West, one of the newest residents of our unique, trendsetting Park Place on Fowler properties.

Built on some of the last land left in the heart of Downtown Woodstock, these city home designs are strategically located on Fowler Street, just one block from Chambers Street. Homeowners enjoy design elements like bright, open floor plans, courtyards, high ceilings, wood floors, and quartz countertops.

Cari began her search for a new home looking for a house in the mountains with a yard. She wasn’t initially looking for a condo, but had looked at a townhouse early in her search. Plans changed when her unit came up in a real estate search. She was delayed in seeing it because of all the rain Woodstock received during the early part of the year, but when she saw it, she thought it was beautiful and had to take a look.

Benefits of Downtown Woodstock Living

Cari shared that she was thrilled that Park Place on Fowler was close to all of Downtown Woodstock’s restaurants and to MadLife Studios, where she loves to go to see live music. Having never considered a home without a yard, she says, “Man, is it good! I’ve always painted, mowed the grass, and kept up the regular maintenance of having a home myself. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my time. As I was telling my Dad this, he teased softly, ‘Maybe you’ll get a life!’ I love living here so much more than I ever thought I would. The landscaping is beautiful–I still get to see and enjoy the green grass, flowers, and trees. It feels like such a community, and the location has huge appeal to me.”

Downtown Woodstock is a very safe, clean area. Cari shared that she was concerned at first about the stairs being on a top floor unit. But after a few weeks, it’s become a way of life, and she has enjoyed the change and opportunity to exercise more.

Inside, the high ceilings and really large doors were also a selling factor for Cari. “I downsized from a four-bedroom home to a one-bedroom unit. I got rid of everything. Now, I have only what I need.” For Cari, the benefits of having a smaller space outweigh the garage and yard and the large home that she had to take care of previously. And she was surprised to discover that she doesn’t mind having one bathroom: “It’s much easier to handle! I can clean in 30 minutes!”

Cari signed her contract in late March and was the first owner to stay there overnight! “I bought a blow-up mattress so I could spend my first night there after signing my contract!”

Upholding our Mission to Bring Inspiration to our Buyers

Working with buyers like Cari reaffirms our mission to bring inspiration and belief to every client that they can build their ideal life. We strive to foster a culture of innovation and enthusiasm, and really do want to design, create and build high-performing environments that enable our clients to just live better!

Cari was kind enough to share a testimonial about working with our team:

“Working with Patti and Tony has been great! They are the sweetest people. From the start, they were really concerned with making sure everyone was happy. The lengths they go to care for everyone is very refreshing, even if it meant that someone didn’t end up purchasing one of the units because it might have not been a good fit. Patti and Tony even held a get-together for all the new residents before we moved in so that we could meet each other beforehand. There’s some really great people living in this community–I’ve enjoyed getting to know them all!

Since I moved in, even the tiniest little issue has been handled immediately. I have peace of mind knowing that someone will take care of me. The whole Rezide team has made my move so easy, and a great experience. Truly, I would always use them if I was ever looking for another home. I would recommend them to anyone–I really would. They’re fulfilling their own dreams, and they’re great!”

Cari, we’re so glad that love everything about your new home. And we can’t wait to see you out and about in Downtown Woodstock!

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