Outdoor Dining in Downtown Woodstock

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August 9, 2020
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Rezide Homes
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At Rezide Properties, we’ve built countless homes over the years that seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor spaces. We love all of the advantages that indoor/outdoor living can offer, and that extends to life outside the home in our favorite city – Woodstock. The downtown district boasts some truly fantastic restaurants (one of the reasons we love building homes near enough to walk!), and many have a unique option for dining al fresco.

With outdoor dining options that range from rooftops to picnic tables, there’s something here for each person and each occasion. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Rooftop Bars and Restaurants

Rooftop dining is popular the world over. It can all at once offer a fabulous, expansive view, and a cozy ambiance. In Woodstock, we have two rooftop options, both of which offer delicious food and beverages. If you’re looking for a margarita and tacos, you’ll love the rooftop at Pure Taqueria. It’s right in the center of town and really lets you take in a view of the city.

If you’re in the mood for a romantic night out, check out Rootstock and Vine. The sommelier is an expert at choosing the right wine to match your preferences, and they offer small plates, entrees, and desserts that pair perfectly with their wine offerings. Both restaurants also regularly offer live music on the weekends!

Patio Dining 

Living in a home within walking distance to downtown Woodstock means easy access to casual and fine dining alike. Canyon Burger is one of our favorite family-friendly options. They serve hamburgers and chicken, and their patio is right in the middle of town.

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, Century House Tavern offers one of the most unique outdoor options in town – garden dining. Nestled under big shady trees, Century House serves fine cuisine while diners relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Picnic Tables

Nothing says easy outdoor fun like a picnic. If you’re enjoying a beer at Reformation Brewery, consider picking up some barbeque from Queenies inside, and taking it out to the tables on the deck. With the expansive yard under the giant elm tree, there’s room for kids (or grandkids!) and adults alike to enjoy an evening out.

And if you’re really more of a do-it-yourself person but don’t want to miss a minute of the good life in Woodstock, pack your own picnic and enjoy it at the picnic tables near the Elm Street Green! There’s both a new playground and the wide-open green that are perfect for spreading out or indulging any kiddos who may be part of your party.

As homebuilders, we love that we get to build our new construction homes in a city where residents just live better.  We’ve developed everything from condos to single family homes within walking distance of outdoor dining and live entertainment in this city, and we’d love to help you find your perfect new home! Check out our website or give us a call at 404-448-2005 to learn more.

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