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November 26, 2018
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Built on some of the last land left in the heart of Downtown Woodstock, our Park Place on Fowler condos offer three unique, trend-setting city home designs that are strategically located next to Firestone Wood-Fired Pizza just off Main Street.

Keeping in line with the other neighborhoods and homes that we’ve built in Woodstock and around Cherokee County, the homes in Park Place on Fowler are full of design elements that include open floor plans, courtyards, decks, high ceilings, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances. All of these features are included in the top-quality workmanship that we pride ourselves on providing for the homeowners who purchase our properties.

Our Property Details: Down to the Flooring

One of the features that residents Park Place on Fowler won’t see however, is the great lengths that these properties are going through to make sure that these condos aren’t like any other condos our residents have lived in before.

A lot of times, an interested buyer may forgo looking at a bottom-floor condo out of fear that it could be noisier than a traditional single-family home. That’s why for our Park Place on Fowler properties, we’ve layered up the playing field (so to speak) in terms of our flooring by putting layers of springs and concrete, with the cork-backed flooring on top. Here are a few photos from during the build: 

What do all of these extra steps do for our residents? The extreme care we’re taking to eliminate noise from the flooring means that they’ll get the added benefit of extra-quiet floors similar to a single-family home, but with the added benefit of having the walkability to all of downtown Woodstock at their front door.

Our mission is to bring inspiration and the belief to every single client that they can build their ideal life. Our team fosters a culture of innovation and enthusiasm as we design, create and build high-performing environmentmental that enable our clients to just live better.

If you’re interested in one of our couple remaining properties at Park Place on Fowler, please contact our office. We would love the opportunity to help you move into your dream home right in the heart of downtown Woodstock.

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