8 Ways to Just Live Better in 2017

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January 13, 2017
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You know the drill: each January means coming up with a new resolution and often times struggling to keep the commitment, but this year let’s focus on specific categories in our lives instead of just one. With a little research across the web and personal experience from our Rezide team, here are 8 simple ways to just live better in 2017!


  1. Move into a new home at Woodstock City Homes!

Jokes aside, those who live in homes built by Tony Perry admit to feeling like they’re on vacation all year round. This is what sets Rezide Properties apart: the ability to inspire belief in our clients that you can build your ideal life – in an elegant environment that allows you to just live better!

2. Family

Family can be defined in many ways: our blood relatives, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone we share a connection or special relationship with. This is your support system, your cheerleaders in life, the people who are with you through thick and thin. Whatever your definition is and however family truly means to you, embrace the valuable times spent with these special people and most importantly, don’t forget to thank and celebrate them often.

3. Faith

From a spiritual standpoint, this is what we believe to be bigger than ourselves. Our faith gives us something to believe in after our life here on Earth is over and for most, this is the source of our peace and hope. What do you believe in? Are your feet firmly planted in a religion you love, do you have a hard time believing in something you can’t see, or perhaps you have a more personal relationship with God? Whatever you believe or don’t believe and whichever God you believe in – begin with love in your heart and connect with a faith that lifts you up and inspires you to be a better version of yourself every day.

4. Friends

Friends are the family we get to choose and in some cases, our friends can be the only family we have. Our friends also function as a special support system and are people who we share those crazy fun memories with. No matter how hectic our lives seem to get, be sure to make a standing monthly appointment for lunch or dinner and make a priority to keep it. If your friends live in a different state, send a thoughtful card in the mail – it will make their day.

According to motivational speaker Jim Rohn, we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so let’s filter wisely.

5. Health & Fitness

Fitness is the necessary evil we all face: between work, family, friends, and school in some cases, who has time for exercise, much less cooking? The hard truth is, we all need to understand that being healthy is a blessing and in order to keep working, going to school, progressing in life and spending time with our loved ones means we need to start making this a top priority.

Becoming fully aware of what we are feeding ourselves is a step in the right direction – forget dieting and start eating real food, not just healthy food, real food. Check out some of the new “delivered to your door” fresh food subscriptions like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. Also, one of the fastest ways to boost your nutrient intake is to purchase a Nutri bullet (a small blender) and begin drinking one “green shake” a day. You will feel a huge difference in your mind and body in just 1-2 weeks. If you need more motivation, go watch the documentary Hungry for Change, available on Netflix.

Lastly, find a fitness activity you love doing: weight lifting, running, yoga, cross fit, biking, etc. There are countless free videos on YouTube and phone app subscriptions you can try from the comfort of your living room. The goal is not to lose weight, it’s to feel and be healthy. Don’t slack off after your second week, grab a workout buddy and keep going!

6. Finance

Easier said than done, but make a conscious effort to pay off debt and save a little extra money this year. According to an article by the American Psychological Association in 2015, “Regardless of the economic climate, money and finances have remained the top stressor since our survey began in 2007.” The article goes on to explain that stress about money negatively impacts our health, emotions and personal relationships.

If you’re interested in creating a winning strategy for 2017 and beyond, check out a copy of Dave Ramsey’s novel “The Total Money Makeover”. With over five million copies sold, let Ramsey explain how to lead yourself out of debt in just seven easy-to-follow steps.

7. Hobby

On a happier note, set aside some time to feed your soul with an activity that brings you JOY. Once a week, for one hour at least, schedule time for yourself. We are all so busy with life and everything mentioned above that it becomes second nature to forget about our own happiness.

What makes you the happiest? Do you enjoy painting, reading, golfing, sleeping, exploring, crafting, getting your hair done or maybe a massage? Reconnect with what makes you happy and renew your mind. Life is so much more than just work, eat, sleep, repeat. Don’t forget to have FUN and enjoy the heck out of life! We hear it goes by pretty fast.

8. Goals

With 23 gold medals and the most decorated athlete in olympic history, Michael Phelps is known to be one of the most goal oriented people on the planet. For example, Phelps physically writes his goals on paper and keeps the list on his nightstand. “I have my goals somewhere I can see them, so when I get out of bed I know I’m waking up to work on what I’m trying to achieve,” Phelps says. 

Let’s keep dreaming BIG, but quit day dreaming and be honest about what we really want out of life. Maybe we want a new career, continued education, a new car, a pool or maybe even a new home? Sit down and make a list, then document how much you need to save or actions needed to achieve this new goal. Carve out a path and a plan: baby steps and relentless consistency each day is key. For more motivation, find a background for your phone screen that says some beats none and try watching a few Ted Talks videos.


In summary: (1) Move to Woodstock City Homes 🙂 , (2) Family, (3) Faith, (4) Friends, (5) Health & Fitness, (6) Finance, (7) Hobby, and (8) Goals. No matter what order you choose, visit each category and evaluate your top priorities, make a plan and just live better! We hope this article brings you inspiration and motivation to be your best in 2017 – and Happy New Year from the Rezide team!

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