Advantages of an Open Concept Floorplan

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May 22, 2020
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Rezide Homes
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If you’re buying a new home, you reasonably expect to enjoy all of the latest and best home design trends. And one of the biggest and most sought-after trends today is the open concept floorplan. At Rezide Properties, we’ve done our research, and our new construction homes—including our downtown Woodstock homes at Westown and our newly built homes at Lake Arrowhead—reflect this lifestyle trend.

So what’s behind the popularity of the open concept floorplan? Here are just a few of the reasons our homeowners love this design.

Makes a space feel right-sized

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like the walls were just a little too close together? That cramped feeling is frustrating, especially if it’s in the kitchen or main living space. Most open concept floorplans break down walls between the kitchen, dining room, and/or the main living space, giving you room to breathe and feel comfortable. Open floorplans mean less unused space and a more comfortable and welcoming layout.

Increases togetherness

Open concept floorplans are ideal for entertaining! In modern homes, the kitchen is so often the primary gathering place, and an open floorplan allows guests to start in the kitchen and spill into the living or dining room without anyone feeling separated or left out.

The open layout is also perfect for day to day living. Open spaces allow the family chef to be a part of any predinner conversations without feeling cloistered away. Similarly, if you’re on cleanup duty, you can still participate in family time.

Showcases your home at its best

Perhaps one of the best advantages of an open concept floorplan is that it really makes the most of the space in your home and features it as its best. In an open design, lighting can be shared between rooms, so often resulting in a brighter, more welcoming feel in your home. Instead of having a dining room that is too big next to a living room that is too small, homeowners can configure and use the shared space in a way that works best for them.

Open floorplans also have beautiful sightlines and improved flow. Navigating open concept new homes is almost always easier and more comfortable.

Increases real estate value

When buying a new home, resale value probably isn’t the first thing on your mind (if you’re like us, you’re just eager to enjoy all of the new home luxuries and make the place your own). But it’s worth noting that homes with open concept floorplans generally have increased resale value. If you’ve seen any of the home improvement shows on TV, you’ve probably seen the premium placed on tearing down walls to open up older homes.

At Rezide Properties, we love building new homes that reflect the latest design trends, and, more importantly, the lifestyles, and preferences of our homeowners. If you’d like to learn more about how Rezide homeowners just live better, give us a call at 404-448-2005 or check out our website.

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